K Class

K Class

Service Includes:
Insurance and assistance
 Repair and replacement of spare parts

 Service and technical reviews
 Car replacement if necessary


to 150 Km per dayeach additional kmunlimited km
1 day280 zl + TAX0,33 zl350 zl + TAX
2 days260 zl + TAX0,33 zl290 zl + TAX
3-7 days220 zl + TAX0,33 zl260 zl + TAX
8-14 days220 zl + TAX0,33 zl250 zl + TAX
15-21 days180 zl + TAX0,33 zl220 zl + TAX
21 days or moreindividual price0,33 zl210 zl + TAX
full month3600 zl + TAX

The above prices apply to vehicles in their basic version. Rates may change if additional options or equipment are selected; such as transmition type or  fuel type.

Benefits of renting K class car

Class K cars are vans, which are multi-purpose buses for transporting up to 9 people. Cars of this class will work well during group trips out of town, winter trips abroad, and transporting sports equipment inside or otherwise.

Due to their size, the K-Class cars do not work well in the city, but work well for cross country travel. Thanks to the large size and comfortable seats, passengers will not feel the hardships of a long drive.

The wide range of rental cars from Group K makes it possible to choose a car that will suit the needs of your company. When using a car from our rental company, you have the option of exchanging the car for another model without incurring additional costs. We will bring your car to the indicated address throughout the country and pick it up after the rental period. In case of long-term contracts, it is possible to buy a car at the end of the contract

Available models

  • Opel Vivaro
  • Ford Transit
  • VW Transporter
  • Renault Traffic
  • Mercedes Vito
  • Fiat Talento
  • Citroen Spacetouer
  • Toyota Proace Verso