How to rent through the perpetrators liability insurance?

Replacement car using the perpetrators insurance – rent and use as you like

A car accident is not a pleasant event. However, if you have been in a collision and you are not the culprit, the situation is not so bad. You are entitled to a replacement car from the perpetrator’s liability insurance. You have the right to rent a car from the perpetrator’s civil liability policy, regardless of whether it’s for business or private purposes. Although insurance companies have tried to refuse such benefits in various ways, presently the case law of the Supreme Court clearly grants the injured party such rights. At the same time, it is important that the expenses for renting a vehicle are “intentional and economically justified”. This means that you do not have another car with similar functions that you could use without exposing others to damage. It is also worth remembering that the replacement car from the perpetrator’s liability should be of the same or lower class (not higher) than yours, and rental rates should be in local averages. If these conditions are met, the perpetrator’s insurer has no reason to refuse payment of the costs incurred for renting a car from the perpetrator’s liability.

To what extent is the replacement car entitled to the civil liability of the perpetrator?

It depends on the amount of damage. The perpetrator is entitled to rent a car with liability for the period in which the injured party remains without his own means of transport. In the event of partial damage, the perpetrator is entitled to rent a car with liability for the time of repairing your vehicle, i.e. from the moment of collision to the time of picking up the repaired car from the garage. In a situation where the insurer has declared total damage, you can use the rented car from the moment the damage is reported until the compensation is obtained.

Car rental with the perpetrator’s liability insurance – we do it quickly and comprehensively.

Taking care of the comfort of our clients, we try to settle the matter of renting a car from the perpetrator’s liability insurance as soon as possible. All you have to do is report the damage to the perpetrator’s insurer and inform him about your desire to use a replacement car. In our offer you will find cars from different segments – choose the model you want to rent. We’ll take care of the rest. We do not require a deposit or any costs. We also do not impose kilometer limits on rental cars. The costs are settled directly with the accident perpetrator’s insurance company, so you don’t have to take care of additional formalities. Use the vehicle the way you like, until you recover your car. Car rental with the perpetrator’s civil liability insurance is a quick procedure that does not require much effort, and allows you to receive a replacement car for the time needed.


Everyone who took part in an accident, as a result of which their vehicle was damaged due to the fault of another driver, has the right to use a replacement car from the offender’s liability. Car rental and all costs are covered in this case by the insurance of the person who caused the accident.

No. The loss of the ability to use your vehicle does not constitute material damage in itself, so we cannot apply to the insurer of the accident for money to rent a car. However, renting a car for the time of the repair of damage will be refunded to us by the perpetrator. In practice, however, car rental is usually cashless, and the rental company settles directly with the insurer. Car rental from our company with the perpetrator liability insurance is a quick and simple process

No. The insurer should not impose a place from which one should rent a replacement car from the perpetrator’s liability. However, it is worth asking the insurer about the conditions for reimbursing the rental costs. The rental company is the victim’s choice, and the insurer cannot impose specific rates for the service.