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Long-term car rental for large companies

Long-term car rental is a solution that Polish entrepreneurs appreciate. Large companies often require a large car fleet. It is necessary for the cars to be well maintained, efficient and presentable in order to ensure smooth business operations. The wide scope of our offer allows for trouble-free service even for the largest and most demanding companies. A wide range of vehicles in various classes means that you can choose the car that best matches your preferences and fits your business profile. Do you need a large and durable delivery van? Or maybe a small city car? The possibility of outfitting your car with different side packages, including additional insurance and service guarantees that your fleet will always be ready for the challenges that your business faces. Large companies often expect that obtaining a car fleet will take a long time and require a lot of man hours. However, instead of assigning people to this task you can rely on us to ensure a quick and easy car fleet rental process. Entrusting your car fleet management to a group of specialists is currently a growing trend in the Polish market and for many owners it saves a lot of time and resources. Among other things we provide services, repairs, and take care of insurance; you don’t have to worry about anything. Long-term car rental is a response to the ever-growing needs of companies that are looking for easy and effective solutions.

Advantages of long-term car rental for large companies:

  • saving and spreading costs over time (funds for the purchase of a fleet can be invested in further development of the company; at the beginning we need a small investment or we can use the option that requires no initial payment),
  • saves time,
  • does not affect credit worthiness (you do not freeze capital),
  • task minimization (service, repairs etc. All on the side of the rental agency),
  • we do not limit the company’s credit worthiness,
  • fees are included in costs (the amount of tax decreases),
  • easier financial planning
  • You are not worried about the residual value of the vehicle you are using (the residual value of the vehicle for long-term car rentals is a concern of the rental company).

Companies using the services of the CFM (Car Fleet Management) segment, guarantee themselves comprehensive service at the highest level. Our offer guarantees that the long-term rental cars you receive are well-maintained, have low-mileage, and are adapted to the requirements of your business. Car service, insurance, and damage settlements are no longer your concern; our specialists will ensure that you get the maximum benefit from your car fleet. Car fleet outsourcing in conjunction with the possibility of renting vehicles is an ever-growing industry for a reason. The use of external resources is a huge facilitation for companies. Long term rental cars allow you to optimize your business in many ways, for example, carrying out further investments thanks to the fact that you do not have to invest any capital at the start.

In what situations do we recommend the service?

How can large companies profit from car fleet outsourcing and long-term car rental?

In addition to the obvious advantages, companies that decide to rent cars long term and outsource their service to our company also benefit from more favorable insurance packages (AC, OC, NW, liquidation of damages). The guarantee of maintaining uninhibited operations even in the event of a crash due to the immediate replacement of the car should be incentive enough. Quick repairs and professional consultation also help in maintaining the perfect car fleet for your business, which in turn helps with your branding and marketing. Long-term car rental is an opportunity for the development of your company.


In short, car fleet outsourcing is a service consisting of the full management of your car fleet. It is most often used by companies from the CFM sector (Car Fleet Management); not only is fleet service becoming more popular but also its lease financing options (long-term car rental without payment and without the need to make your own financial contribution). The market is growing quickly and the demand for this type of service is growing, which is due to the great benefits provided for enterprises.

Long-term car rental is an increasingly popular option among business owners. Especially in connection with the service of company car fleets. In Western Europe, most international corporations are currently opting for this management model. This is a convenient and safe option, especially for large enterprises. It does not require high financial outlays at the beginning, allowing the free funds to be allocated to the company’s development. Putting the car fleet into the hands of professional companies means saving time, money, and less stress. Therefore, it is a very good proposition for companies that know that effective management and intelligent financing will be a good option for them.