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Car rental - Why Next ADV?

12 years of experience

Next ADV car rental is not only a place – it is an experience, which we have had the opportunity to develop for 12 years. During this time, we analyzed the needs of the market and created an offer for both small and large companies. In recent years, the awareness and demand for the service of company fleets and long-term rental has increased significantly. That is why we have deepened our knowledge and raised our qualifications to be able to advise our clients. Professionalism is our most important attribute.

An extensive fleet

The wide range of our fleet allows us to service both small family businesses (needing one to a few vehicles) and large enterprises that have a greater need. The cars we offer for medium to long term rental are all high class and well equipped. We personally tailor each offer to each customer’s business. We know how important it is for a company car to match the business and bring real benefits; additionally we can provide a wide range of extra packages which allows us to create the best fit offer for everyone.


At Next ADV car rental, rental cars are available immediately. Come, look, rent, and leave with your chosen company car. Car rental with us is extremely simple. A large selection of models allows us to meet the needs of the most demanding customers. The availability of vehicles, maintenance services, and extensive professional advice is reflected in our ever growing group of satisfied customers. Because we respect your time we make renting a car for your company as quick and uncomplicated as possible.

What do you gain from medium to long-term rentals?

Smaller tax payments

Companies are happy to use rental cars for their businesses not only because of the convenience and functionality but also for the big savings. The costs associated with car expenses may in fact constitute a tax break. When using a rental car (over 6 months), we can include the entire rental fee as a tax deductible cost (for cars with a value not exceeding PLN 150,000). With more expensive cars, you can also take advantage of deductions, but their amount will have to be calculated proportionally (this will not be the entire rent). When renting a car for a company – medium-term rentals (up to 6 months), the amount taken into account for deductions will be the value allotted for insurance purposes.

Low costs comparable to leasing

Car rental prices offered by rental companies are comparable to leasing. However, renting is a more flexible option for equipping a company with a fleet of cars. The market value loss is repaid in installments rather than the value of the vehicle. Also, there are no additional costs for companies with FSL (Full Serwis Leasing) services; everything is already included in the rent installments.
If you need savings, stability and comfort, then medium or long-term rentals are the solution and they will meet all your expectations.

Fuel is the only additional cost

The use of company rental cars allows you much greater predictability when it comes to costs and the possibility to accurately plan a company’s budget. When deciding to rent: insurance (NWW, AC, liability), full service, and even seasonal tire replacement can be included in the rent installments. You are not exposed to any unforeseen costs associated with your car fleet. The only extra cost on your side is fuel charges. For company cars, it is also possible to fully deduct VAT from operating costs. The only condition is to complete the associated paperwork in the Tax Office

Clear and favorable rental conditions

Insurance and assistance included

Purchase the services of Next ADV Rental and you will get the Assistance package included in the price. You pay the installments – we’ll do the rest!

Service and inspections included

Our offer also includes regular replacement of parts and any necessary repairs, including seasonal tire replacement. Your vehicle will be operational and ready to drive.

Service and inspections included

The service package includes periodic inspections of parts, seasonal replacement of tires, and replenishment and replacement of operating fluids. This is not your concern anymore. Renting from us guarantees you the highest of quality vehicles.

Car replacement is included in the price

If necessary we will replace your car in case of emergency, which will allow you to run your business without hindrance.