Rental for medium sized companies

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You minimilize the cost of using the car

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Medium and long term rentals for medium sized companies

Medium or long term car rental? What options are right for you?

Doing business is difficult without a car. Every owner of a medium-sized company is faced with the need for finding the right car fleet for their company. This is a condition that needs to be met for further development and the proper functioning of a business. However, the company does not always have sufficient funding to buy new vehicles. In this situation, medium or long-term car rental is a great alternative to buying a fleet. The inability to use a company car (due to a breakdown or collision) may result in the failure to meet an order or inability to meet deadlines. This not only results in monetary losses, but also a loss of reputation for the company. In this situation, renting a vehicle will be an ideal option.
Medium-term car rental is a more flexible offer tailored to your needs. It lasts for a minimum of one month (with the option of automatic renewal) and can be terminated at any time. It is also possible to replace the car with another model, more useful for the projects demands. Long-term rentals are usually for a longer period of time (usually from 24 months) and are used for a more permanent retrofitting or for the creation of a company car fleet.

Car fleet formation – medium and long-term car rental, what are the benefits?

This solution has many advantages and it works in the following situations:

  • Lack of funds for the purchase of company cars (when renting cars for medium and long-term durations, you do not have to make any of your own contributions, your first cost is only the first installment)
  • Fixed and regular costs (apart from financing costs, servicing and administration fleet costs are also included in the installment). The only variable cost is the fuel consumption, which you bear yourself,
  • Drive and exchange the vehicle for a new one (rent a car and use it for the duration of the lease, medium or long-term. You do not have to buy the car after the expiry of the contract, you can renew the contract by choosing a new vehicle model),
  • Tax benefits (depending on the type of contract and the rental period, installment costs can be added as tax deductibles).

Car rental for your company – a quick and comfortable solution for your business

The growing trend of medium and long-term rental contributes to the expanding scope of rental offers. The amount of medium and smaller sized companies is also increasing, which is shown by this form of vehicle leasing. In our offer you will find vans, passenger cars, city cars and premium class cars. We have the ability to customize the cars for any activity. The option of choosing different variants and additional equipment gives us the possibility to personally tailor each car to match every customer’s individual needs. Medium-term rental is best if you run a seasonal business or employ temporary employees. This is also a great solution for future contracts. In other cases, long-term vehicle rental works best. Do you need a car for yourself or your employees? Take advantage of our offer and stop worrying! We will take care of everything, so you can focus on what is really important in your business!


It all depends on the type of company you run. Medium-term car rental is the most advantageous if you run a seasonal business or you have received a term contract lasting for less than 2-3 years. In this situation, you know that you will use the rented vehicle. With regular orders and constant demand for an official vehicle, renting long term would be best and the most beneficial. However, in either case it is best to consult our adviser who will help you choose the best suited option for you.

You do not need money to start when you rent a car from our company. The initial cost can be zero and no down payment is required (as is the case with leasing). Of course, making a down payment will be beneficial as it will provide you with lower monthly installments, but this is not required. Our flexible offer is addressed to entrepreneurs with different needs; which is why we will find a solution for every situation. Medium term car rental is a step towards further development with minimal investment. See how adding a car to your company can change your business.