Car subscriptions for small businesses

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You minimize the cost of using a car

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Car with subscription – car rental for small businesses

A subscription car is the same as a medium to long-term car rental. The car rental market has seen significant growth in recent years, especially for those who know the advantages of using a subscription car model. Often small companies take advantage of this opportunity. Maintaining a small enterprise is not easy, and buying a car is a considerable expense. So if you do not have enough cash and you do not want to take a loan to buy a company vehicle (no credit burden on the company), a car with a subscription is an ideal solution.

Small business and subscription cars – is it worth it?

The purchase of a car fleet comes at a great expense and can hurt a business’s liquidity; thus entrepreneurs who are just developing their business and even those who have been on the market for longer, can benefit from more modern and flexible solutions. Car subscription is the idea of ​​renting a car for a specific period of time, 1 month or more. The most advantageous option is long-term car rental.

Car subscription for companies – what are the advantages?

  • no need to pay an initial fee (a business can get a car on a subscription without paying an initial fee thus not affecting their budget at the beginning)
  • no additional costs (all fees are included in the installments; details are agreed upon in the rental agreement),
  • saving time (you do not have to worry about timely insurance payments, the technical condition of the car, replacement of tires, etc. – this will be the responsibility of the rental company),
  • additional packages (the contract may take into account: additional customer requirements for the car and optional insurance, or a replacement car),
  • fixed monthly payment (regular installments mean more control over the company’s budget)
  • no need to buy a car after the rental period
  • option to choose a new car after the contract period has expired (after the contract has ended, you can rent the same car again or choose a newer model),
  • You are not worried about the residual value of the vehicle you are using.

Car subscription – develop your business wisely

Taking money from a company cash reserve to buy a car fleet is a big burden. However, you can purchase a fleet without paying a large sum all at once. Long-term rental, i.e. car subscription for companies is a response to the growing needs of smaller enterprises. It allows the development of small business in various industries. Regardless of whether you deal with logistics, transport, and the commercial industry or need an additional vehicle seasonally; the flexible rental offer will allow you to customize favorable contract parameters that suit your needs. Thanks to this you will achieve additional profit for your company, without incurring high costs. Properly calculated installments taking into account your needs and financing options will ensure comfort, safety and stability. You choose the option that suits your needs and invest in the development of your company responsibly. A business subscription car can help you achieve your goals.


In the case of a long term car rental, the installments are fixed for the entire duration of the contract. You won’t be surprised by an increase in fees. Deciding on the basic option, you can reduce the amount of your installments, but you must remember that some of the services will not be available to you. Before making a decision, it is worth meeting our adviser who will tell you which subscription offer is the most beneficial in your case.

Medium and long-term rental is a very beneficial solution for both new, small companies and those that are already established in the market. However, the companies that are just starting their operations have the biggest problem with a one-time purchase of a car fleet. In this case, the rental offer is a reasonable and profitable solution.